Psychologists use Heidi to increase engagement, restore eye contact, and offer warmer mental health care.

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Reclaim days of your life.

The frontier of artificial intelligence at your fingertips, blended with elegant user interfaces, and hospital-grade security.

Cuts out chit-chat

Cuts out chit-chat  Heidi intelligently sifts through your therapy sessions, separating meaningful clinical insights from small talk and irrelevant details.

Notes just like you like 'em

Heidi structures your therapy notes just the way you like them, whether it's SOAP format, DAP progress notes, or narrative assessments. Capture the essential insights from each session in a style that perfectly fits your practice.

One click into your software

Whether you use TherapyNotes, SimplePractice, or TheraNest, Heidi makes it effortless to get your perfectly formatted therapy notes into your software.

Referrals in seconds

nstantly generate referral letters to psychiatrists, GPs, or allied health professionals based on your therapy notes, saving you time and effort.

No translation needed

From Spanish to Mandarin, easily create therapy notes in your client’s preferred language.

"Heidi now writes all of my notes for me and she can even handle 2+ hour crisis sessions!"
Elizabeth Scott

Meet your AI resident.

It’s like you, but less gorgeous.

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