Heidi is an AI medical scribe that writes perfect notes that sound like you  , halving the time for faster, safer practice .

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Weirdly easy.

Three easy steps to accelerate your clinical workflow.


Summarise your notes, add My Additions and generate documents


Use Heidi’s context-powered AI prompt to regenerate notes


Multiply yourself

Save hours with your new clinical listening partner. Maintain eye contact with your patients and generate notes you’d be proud of.

Scribe your patient's visit conversation

Generate visit summaries

Use ‘My Additions’ to add notes that you don’t want the patient to hear

Audio dictate things you missed or want to add

Heidi transcription UI
Heidi prompt UI


Make your AI do all the chores

Generate letters, chop up text, and fill out forms with all the context of your visit. Your imagination is kind of the limit.

Command context-powered amendments

Automate documents just how you like them

Make structural changes to your notes

Summarise hour long visits

We think AI scribes ought not to be developed by cowboys and hobbyists.


So we've made Heidi the security blanket your data deserves

Processing a medical encounter is just about the most private thing an AI can do. So we’ve wrapped Heidi in best-in-class privacy standards.

Don't take our word for it. See our Safety page so you can see our commitment to keeping your data safe and secure. Visit Safety to learn more.

“Now I don’t have to stay back after work to finish notes. You know when you were a kid coming home in summer and wondering if you had any homework to do and realised it’s the holidays? That’s what it’s like using this tool.”

Maureen Burke

Primary Care Practitioner


Better practice means better tools

Unlike other AI clinical transcribing and AI dictation tools, we have equipped your workflow with the essentials — making your day-to-day easier and more efficient.

Other clinical notes & dictation tools
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Visit summaries
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Robust note style settings
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Dedicated mobile functionality
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Personalisation to sound like you every consult
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Real-time in-visit additions
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Free-text instructions for AI note modification
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Create, store and reuse custom templates
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Autofill documents based on visit information
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Help others get on top of their paperwork

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