Nurses use Heidi to focus on patient care, streamline assessments, and collaborate seamlessly with teams.

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Your partner in nursing excellence.

We tailored Heidi to support nurses' unique workflows, enabling you to provide exceptional, individualized patient care.

Cuts out chit-chat

Heidi intelligently sifts through your nursing assessments, separating critical patient data and observations from non-essential chatter, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care.

Notes just like you like 'em

Heidi creates nursing notes that match your preferred documentation style, from focus-DAR to PIE charting. Record patient assessments, interventions, and evaluations in a format that supports your nursing methodology.

One click into your software

Whether you use Epic, Cerner, or Athena, Heidi makes it effortless to get your perfectly formatted progress notes into your EHR system.

Referrals in seconds

Quickly generate referral requests to doctors, specialists, or community services directly from your nursing notes, saving you time and effort.

No translation needed

From Spanish to Mandarin, easily create therapy notes in your patient’s preferred language.

“I can't remember everything the patient say, but Heidi AI can.”
Nurse Practitioner

Meet your AI resident.

It’s like you, but less gorgeous.

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