Podiatrists use Heidi to focus on patients, document efficiently, and create personalized treatment plans.

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Step up your patient care with Heidi.

We tailored Heidi to meet the unique demands of podiatry, enabling you to deliver attentive, effective foot care.

Cuts out chit-chat

Heidi intelligently sifts through your podiatry consultations, separating crucial diagnostic information and treatment plans from peripheral discussions, empowering you to deliver targeted, effective foot care.

Notes just like you like 'em

Heidi crafts podiatry visit notes in your preferred format, such as SOAP or a specialty-specific template. Record essential foot health assessments, diagnoses, and treatment plans in a structure that enhances your podiatric care delivery.

One click into your software

Whether you use TRAKnet, TIPS, or Jane App, Heidi makes it effortless to get your perfectly formatted podiatry notes into your software.

Referrals in seconds

Instantly generate referral letters to orthopedic surgeons, vascular specialists, or pedorthists based on your podiatry notes, simplifying your referral process.

No translation needed

From Spanish to Mandarin, easily create podiatry notes in your patient’s preferred language.

“Makes doing your charts fun again.”
Podiatrist @ Family Podiatry Center

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