Heidi vs Freed AI: Why clinicians choose Heidi

Heidi is the real free(d) AI medical scribe.

Despite the name, the Freed AI medical scribe isn't free. At Heidi, we think ALL clinicians deserve the best AI scribe tooling, so we built the best product... and then actually made it Free(d)!

Features Freed AI Heidi
AI Note Generation
Note style settings
Custom note format (HOPC, SOAP, etc.)
Dedicated mobile
Fine-tuned model to emulate your writing style
Real-time in-consult written additions
Unlimited free tier
Free-text AI prompt to generate any document
Create, store and reuse custom templates
Autofill documents based on consult information

Get more than basic AI medical notes...

Heidi has everything you need to reimagine your clinical documentation workflow. From 1-click document filling, to templates, to voice personalisation to advanced AI features, you can manage everything you need right from Heidi.

Notes that sound like you, not a bot.

Heidis proprietary personalisation model captures every nuanced edit and fine-tunes your AI medical note to sound more and more like you with every consult - down to the commas and full stops. Start training your AI Scribe twin now.

Generate any document using free text.

Your summary note is just the beginning, yet AI medical scribes like Freed all stop here. Instead, Heidi lets you build any type of document using the context of the consult as a reference. Referral to a hospital? Succinct patient explainer w/ quotes? Pathology request? All possible in one click with Heidi.

Prompt Heidi the same way you would a medical scribe or resident, then watch as your desired output is generated in seconds with all the relevant context from your consult.

Customise your notes & templates exactly how you want them

Freed is what you use if you want basic SOAP notes. Heidi is what you use to reinvent your documentation workflow & generate your most commonly used documents. To avoid paying for Freed, and to create notes of any kind, try Heidi for free.

You can create default note formats, complex post-consult documents, and store templates you use frequently to automate post-consult actions.

Heidi is the most secure AI scribe

The AI healthcare landscape is littered with pseudo-compliance and inaccuracy. We're consistently apprehensive when individuals beyond the walls of the clinical field jump to build a tool while neglecting the profound impact that AI scribes can have. Our dedication to compliance goes beyond mere formalities; it's a fundamental aspect of our ethos. We hold the conviction that every clinician should have access to a tool that not only enhances their practice but also reveres and preserves the integrity of their profession.

See why Heidi is the best AI scribe

Contemplating an AI scribe for your practice? Start with the World's Best Free AI Medical Scribe - Heidi. It's a decision that marries innovation with practicality. Experience the seamless integration of AI into your daily routine with our free tier, and witness firsthand the transformative impact it can have on your workflow.

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