How Heidi gave Dr. Theresa 1 hour back every day

Dr. Theresa Colina, an esteemed international medical graduate with over two decades of experience. Transitioning from emergency medicine to general practice, her passion and dedication led her to establish Tuggerah Family Doctors in NSW, Australia, where she and her team are committed to focusing on pushing the boundaries of innovation in healthcare. As her clinic flourished, Theresa encountered a persistent challenge:  administrative tasks, particularly note-taking during patient consultations.

Navigating the Daily Demands of a Clinician

In her day-to-day practice, Theresa's schedule is packed with appointments, each lasting 15-20 minutes. She describes her role as an ongoing process of communication and care, with the most rewarding element of seeing her patients life improve.

Amidst these fulfilling moments lies Theresa’s constant struggle of the time-consuming process of documentation, sharing that the most arduous part of her day is typing out detailed notes for each consult.

“[Typing] is the worst thing because you have to capture everything that has happened in the consultation…the most challenging part is that you have to finish your notes by the time the patient exists…and you’re already late for your next appointment”

Theresa reveals that beyond being a taxiing administrative responsibility, typing compromises the face-to-face interaction with her patients. “You’re not looking [at your patient], you’re just typing”, she explains.

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