Heidi is APP Compliant!

Imagine this: bleary-eyed doctors huddled in a Melbourne cafe, dreaming of a way to tame the paperwork monster in healthcare, all without compromising patient privacy. That's the origin story of Heidi Health, and from the very beginning, our focus has been laser-sharp – earning your trust by making data protection our top priority. Today, we're thrilled to shout it from the rooftops: Heidi Health is now fully APP compliant!

Aussie Roots, Global Impact

Sure, Heidi is now used by healthcare professionals worldwide, but being APP compliant was our first badge of honour. It reflects our Australian DNA and unwavering commitment to the Australian Privacy Principles. These aren't just rules we follow – they're the very foundation of our platform.

Heidi's Privacy Promise: Your Data, Your Control

Here's the deal: your patients' information stays right here in Australia, protected by the robust framework of Aussie privacy laws. We take zero-tolerance approach to third-party access. Your consultations are your business, and the audio used for generating patient notes? Disappears after the job's done – never stored permanently. We're also transparent – no jargon-filled legalese here. Our Privacy Policy lays it all out in plain English, ensuring you know exactly how we handle your data. Forget "data shenanigans" – you own and control your patient information, period.

Benefits for Your Practice: Peace of Mind and Patient Trust

With Heidi, you can rest easy knowing your patient data is safeguarded to the highest Australian standards. Use Heidi with confidence, even for the most sensitive consultations. Patients who value privacy will appreciate your commitment to secure technology.

From Melbourne to the World: Putting Privacy First

Heidi's commitment to privacy has never wavered, even as we've expanded globally, becoming fully compliant with standards like GDPR and HIPAA. We believe in treating your patient data with the same respect and care we'd want for our own families – that's the Aussie way, after all!

You'll hear from us soon around our other compliance badges. You can go to our Safety page to see the latest on our compliance mission.

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