Ambassador Programme

Join the frontier of clinical AI applications.

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Be part of a team of clinicians, designers, and engineers on a mission to advance the world’s transition to AI-supported healthcare. As an ambassador, you will...

Gain exposure to the world of AI

You're a great clinician. Add technology and business to your arsenal.

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Be on the inside

You'll be our confidants: early alpha/beta testing, clinical reviews, research projects, and more.

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Access lucrative  opportunities

Referral incentives, enterprise brokerage, and potentialequity upside.

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Fly the Heidi flag

Represent Heidi at domestic and international expos, conferences, and other speaking circuits - a rockstar's life.

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Join an international community

Connect with investors, businesspeople, and other clinicians at the vanguard of modern healthcare technology.

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Multiply your research output

We take AI safety seriously - there is a world of R&D ahead of us.

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