Veterinary Medicine

Vets use Heidi to focus on patients, maintain client rapport, and provide more attentive care.

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Use case

Keep your focus on your furry patients, not keyboards.

We designed Heidi with vets in mind, so you can dedicate more time to providing exceptional animal care and building client trust.

Cuts out chit-chat

Heidi intelligently sifts through your veterinary appointments, separating relevant clinical information from casual pet talk.

Notes just like you like 'em

Heidi accommodates your preferred veterinary record-keeping style, whether it's SOAP, POVD, or a custom format. Maintain thorough, organized patient records that reflect your unique approach to animal care.

One click into your software

Whether you use ezyVet, AVImark, or Vetspire, Heidi makes it effortless to get your perfectly formatted veterinary records into your clinic management system.

Referrals in seconds

Easily generate referral letters to specialized veterinarians, animal behaviorists, or pet therapists from your veterinary notes, simplifying your referral workflow.

No translation needed

From Spanish to Mandarin, easily create veterinary records in your client’s preferred language.

“It helps me remember small comments owners make about problems with their pet that wasn't originally mentioned in the history.”

Meet your AI resident.

It’s like you, but less gorgeous.

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