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Explore our resources designed for clinicians and patients to discover the benefits of Heidi and learn about our robust data security measures.

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Downloadable assets

Patient explainer

A printable sheet that explains what Heidi is to patients and how their data is stored.

Patient consent forms

An optional form to collect consent from your patients before using Heidi with them.

Clinician explainer

A printable sheet that explains the features and benefits of Heidi for interested clinicians.

Clinic assets

A variety of essential resources to support your clinic.

Resource links


Any common questions asked by patients.

Trust Centre

Offers an accessible, public security portal for documentation and communication.

WCAG Accessibility

See how Heidi covers content to be more accessible, according to WCAG.

Brand kit

Here you'll find logos, colors, fonts, and guidelines to Heidi's brand identity.

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