Dietitians use Heidi to engage clients, maintain eye contact, and provide warmer, more personalized nutrition guidance.

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Use case

Focus on your clients, not your notes.

We tailored Heidi to the unique needs of dietitians, so you can build stronger client relationships and help them achieve their health goals.

Cuts out chit-chat

Heidi intelligently sifts through your nutrition consultations, separating actionable advice from general food discussions.

Notes just like you like 'em

Heidi adapts to your preferred nutrition note format, from ADIME to PES statements. Document your clients' dietary assessments, interventions, and progress in a way that aligns seamlessly with your workflow.

One click into your software

Whether you use Kalix, Evolution, or NutriAdmin, Heidi makes it effortless to get your perfectly formatted nutrition notes into your system.

Referrals in seconds

Quickly create referral letters to physicians, specialists, or fitness professionals directly from your nutrition notes, streamlining your referral process.

No translation needed

From Spanish to Mandarin, easily create nutrition notes in your client’s preferred language.

“For the first time in months all my notes are complete for the whole week.”

Meet your AI resident.

It’s like you, but less gorgeous.

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